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Extent: 192 pages
Size: 202 x 302 mm
Binding: Hardback
Illustrations: over 240 full colour
Price: £24.95
ISBN: 978-0-9932696-0-8
Published: July 2015


This beautiful book, recently reprinted due to demand, explores the countryside of Lincolnshire from the Wash to the Humber, revealing its rich natural heritage and ecology, as well as the fascinating and layered human history that has left traces in the landscape of every period from prehistoric to the present.

The book combines informative and accessible text with inspiring colour photographs taken specially by the author that have not previously been published. The photographs illustrate the natural and historic features described in the text, while also celebrating the neglected aesthetic qualities of Lincolnshire’s landscape, including its sweeping views and extraordinary skies.

Resulting from several years of field exploration and research by local author Jon Fox, the book offers an informed personal perspective on Lincolnshire’s rural landscape. Above all, it promotes greater appreciation of England’s second largest county and encourages the conservation of its landscape diversity, character and beauty for future generations. Perceptions that Lincolnshire is wholly flat and of limited scenic value are investigated and challenged in this context.


The book is divided into two main parts. The first introduces the landscape and explores general themes:

  • Introduction
  • The Natural Framework – geology, skies, weather, hydrology, wildlife and ecology
  • The Human Landscape – how man’s use of the landscape has developed from prehistory to the present day, and the remains seen in today’s countryside
  • Perceptions – is Lincolnshire’s reputation as flat and lacking in scenic beauty a fair one, and where did it come from?
  • The Future – the main factors and choices that will mould Lincolnshire’s landscape in coming decades


The second part of the book explores the individual landscape character areas making up Lincolnshire. This focuses on what define their distinctiveness as landscapes, including local geology, ecology, history, buildings and cultural heritage. The 8 character areas are:

  • Isle of Axholme
  • Vale of Trent
  • Heath & Cliff
  • Kesteven Uplands
  • Fens & The Wash
  • Mid Lindsey Vale
  • Wolds
  • Marsh & Coast


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