LINES ACROSS LINCOLNSHIRE Discovering Routes, Banks & Boundaries


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Extent: 256 pages
Size: 202 x 302 mm
Binding: Hardback
Illustrations: over 280 photographs and 14 maps in full colour
Price: £27.50
ISBN: 978-0-9932696-1-5
Published: October 2018


This remarkable book explores the natural and historical lines in the Lincolnshire countryside, focusing on features used or constructed as routes, banks or boundaries. It covers both natural features such as the Lincoln Edge, former coastlines and extinct Ice Age valleys, as well as man-made lines of every period of history, ranging from prehistoric trackways, Roman roads and Medieval banks, through to the drains, canals, railways and military defences of more recent centuries.

As a companion volume to Jon’s The Lincolnshire Landscape, the book combines informative and accessible text with inspiring colour photographs taken specially by the author. The photographs illustrate the features and historical changes decribed in the text while also celebrating their contribution to the character, interest and beauty of Lincolnshire’s varied landscape. High quality maps have also been included to show the distribution of lines in the county.



The book considers different types of line on a chapter basis:

  • Introduction
  • Escarpments – Natural Lines from Geology
  • Trent Valleys – Changing Courses, Gaps & the Ice Age
  • Coastlines – Past & Present Edges of the Land
  • Prehistoric Ways – Movement of People, Livestock & Salt
  • Roman Engineering – A Legacy of Roads & Canals?
  • Field & Furrow – Farming Patterns form the Past
  • Hedges & Walls – A Living record of Enclosure
  • Paths, Bridleways, Tracks & Lanes – Local Routes in the Countryside
  • Parks & Plantations – Aristocratic Lines in the Landscape
  • Sea Banks – Coastal Defences & Reclamation
  • Fen Banks & Droves – Medieval Reclamation in the Fens
  • Drains & Dykes – Draining the Fens & Carrs
  • Fen Causeways & Washways – Traversing the Wetlands & Estuaries
  • Turnpike Roads & Drovers’ ways – Long-Distance Travel after the Romans
  • Waterways – From Freight to Leisure Network
  • Railways – Living lines & Lost Routes
  • Industrial Lines – Mineral Extraction, Milling & Manufacturing
  • Modern Lines – Science, Development & Defence in the Countryside, 1900 – 2018

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