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About Jon Fox - Author & Photographer

Jon has lifelong interests in landscape history and ecology and combines his love of landscape exploration through walking and cycling with a keen interest in photography.

He has lived nearly all of his life in Lincolnshire and adjoining parts of Leicestershire and Cambridgeshire and moved to Lincoln in 1998 where he now lives with his partner Lois.

Jon began school in Sleaford in 1968 before moving to Melton Mowbray with his family. His interests in landscapes and photographing them began in his teens, exploring the picturesque countryside of east Leicestershire and nearby Kesteven by bicycle.

He graduated with an honours degree in plant biology at Durham University in 1984 and was employed on urban wildlife projects in Leicester and Sheffield for several years before retraining in town planning in 1988-89.

Jon worked for twenty five years as an environmental planner for local government in Peterborough and Lincoln, where he focused mainly on sustainability and design issues, including Lincoln’s Green Design Guide. Since 2014, Jon has been engaged in completing The Lincolnshire Landscape title as a self-publishing project.

Jon Fox Author - Lincolnshire Landscapes
Lincolnshire Farforth Wold valley snow

Producing "The Lincolnshire Landscape"...

The publication of The Lincolnshire Landscape is the result of many years of exploration and learning about the Lincolnshire countryside and its diverse landscapes. Work on the book began in earnest in 2006 as an ambitious project covering the whole of the historic county of Lincolnshire, including the areas of North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire.

In producing the book, Jon has visited every corner of Lincolnshire from the Nene to the Humber and all that lies between, mostly by bicycle and on foot. Exploring and photographing the less accessible areas involved numerous overnight trips with a tent for wild camping, as well as holidays in Lincolnshire with Lois. Though Jon had known and admired parts of Lincolnshire since childhood, he was constantly surprised and inspired by its extraordinary variety and beauty while exploring both familiar and unfamiliar places.

The writing and photography for the book was progressed in parallel over several years while Jon was still working on a part-time basis. In 2014, Jon decided to self-publish the title and set up Green Plover Books to achieve this.

With publication now complete, Jon is already looking ahead and has several ideas for further titles on aspects of the Lincolnshire landscape. We hope you too will be inspired to explore more of Lincolnshire and perhaps get involved in protecting its wonderful landscape heritage for the future.

Photographic Notes

With a couple of exceptions, all the photographs in The Lincolnshire Landscape were taken with digital SLR cameras. Jon currently uses a Nikon D300S and a wide angle (28-55mm) Nikkor lens. The digital images were all shot in RAW and processed mainly using Nikon Capture NX2 software.